04 / 20 / 2022

Open Day: 24 and 25 April at Monte Sole!

(this event has already taken place)
On the occasion of Liberation Day, Monte Sole hosted you in large numbers!

And since they have spent a good 2 years apart, they have decided to double it: activities, meetings and music awaited you on the 24th as well!

For the complete programme you can visit the dedicated page on the Monte Sole website.


Since 2020 the School of Peace has been working on the European project So-Close. Strengthening social cohesion through sharing the cultural heritage of forced migration. So-Close aims to improve social cohesion and promote mutual understanding between migrants – in particular asylum seekers and refugees – and their local communities.
With this in mind, the Liberation Day 2022 of the School of Peace started from the traumatic experiences of those who suffered in Monte Sole to listen to the close memories and distant stories that migrant people bring with them.
Throughout the day of 25 April, you have had the opportunity to explore these stories through two interactive websites. The guests also had the opportunity to take part in the “From so far to So-Close” conversations that took place during the event:
14:30 Casaglia, “Democracy and Rights”
15:30 Caprara, “Inequality
17:30 San Martino, “Exploitation”.

Read the blog article by the Monte Sole Team, where our colleagues from Italy shared their experiences from the Open Day.

Open Day: 24 and 25 April at Monte Sole!