Immersive web documentary

Immersive web documentary: Create an interactive and immersive video documentary.

How to get a free-of charge acess to the tool?
Please contact the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona UAB and/or the Exile Memorial Museum Consortium

Do you want to know more about how to create immersive documentary?
Please follow our step-by-step Manual PDF HERE

Description of the tool
An interactive and immersive video documentary that we call a “Web Doc”. The idea behind the Web Doc is to deal with complex digital narratives with the help of various multimedia. It offers immersive and interactive features and non-linear navigation paths. The SO-CLOSE web doc deals with complex digital narratives and promotes a multimedia approach. It offers immersive and interactive features and non-linear navigation paths. Its strong visual component enhances its potential to create empathy and emotional storytelling.

Photography, video and immersive recordings are the protagonists of this tool that can serve the display of archival material as well as of new media content. The visual narrative is the central element of the tool and it will be enriched with textual descriptions and hypertextual references. The navigation through the web doc’s chapters and other sections is enhanced with interactive elements.

The tool is based on a contemporary audio-visual approach with documentary – reportage format. It offers great curation possibilities and triggers co-creation activities as participatory filming. Interviews and first-person testimonies are commonly included. It can combine and refer to past and present moments and it can be useful to display culture and arts.

The tool will count with 360o images and video viewers for an immersive experience that will allow cultural institutions to create visually compelling, multimedia digital narratives about migration heritage. Remember that our tools are replicable, so every institution can use the tool for their own purposes, fill it with their own materials, and create their own documentary.
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