04 / 14 / 2022

Promoting a co-creative hybrid event

Hi, It’s Karol from Villa Decius again!

As you all know, on March 1st the SO-CLOSE Team headed by Lili Nottrott and Anamaria Dutceac Segesten from Lund University, hosted a joined Policy Roundtable with another nine projects funded from the Horizon 2020 EU program. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can get more information in the sum-up article by Lili HERE.

As usually on the occasion of such kind of events, the big question “how are we going to promote it?” came into the room. In this regard, we had to face two biggest challenges – the event and promotion had to be suitable for all 10 projects, which all have different ideas, subjects, and graphics. We also had to plan a gathered communication strategy to which all 10 projects could contribute with the same intensity.
The communication activities were divided into three segments: preparation of the roundtable image and PR materials, event promotion, and event post-promotion. We would like to present to you some aspects of those activities 😀


The first that needed to be cleared out was the identity of the roundtable. The projects agreed on the shortcut Inclusive Europe 2022, which was transformed into #InclusiveEurope2022 and @InclusiveEurope2022.
We agreed on neutral, original graphics and logos in EU colors. The logo with the policy roundtable name just framed was a simple solution, that symbolized the “inclusion” that became the main driver of the event. It was not only the main theme of the discussions on March 1st, but represented also the numerous projects taking part in the event, numerous external guests, unlimited number of registrations and viewers of the gathering, and most important – the Inclusive Europe we all seek for.

Website & PR Materials
SO-CLOSE was the main organizer of the event, but we wanted to run the communications on a neutral ground. Hence, not only graphic designers and logos were separated from the SO-CLOSE layout, but we have also prepared a separate website for the event that included all information and updates on the hybrid event – descriptions of the projects, our speakers, and experts, links to live streaming. It was the center of the operation.

The event promotion was very broad and composed of direct communication, which included using the project’s contacts to invite politicians, diplomats, and the media to join or follow the event. They were very proud to host external guests from the European Union, UNHCR, and Top Manta as a result of our combined activities. You can watch their performances in the links below.
On the other hand, there was communication on social media. We have created an individual Facebook website, where we were publishing all the updates and information about the event, and after the event – a youtube channel where you can watch all recordings from the event.
For all social media platforms, we decided to use the reach 10 projects can gather on social media, and we were promoting the event via the project’s social media channels. If you want to see how this went, search for #InclusiveEurope2022 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.