05 / 02 / 2021

The tools development phase has started!

The mock-ups of our digital tools are ready!

The SO-CLOSE tools design is the result of more than a year of participatory research and stakeholders’ involvement in the project through interviews, focus groups and surveys conducted by the four SO-CLOSE cultural institutions.

The user needs collected and analysed by La Tempesta gave birth to the three sharing tools solutions: the story map, the web map and the virtual exhibition.

The SO-CLOSE sharing tools are digital cultural heritage platforms for storytelling. They are designed as “shells”, or replicable platforms that can host migration and heritage related narratives in three different ways: based on the geographical past and present matching, on the visual and immersive impact of the stories and finally, on the user participation.

The three tools will be replicable, meaning that other institutions will be able to use them to produce their own independent projects. The institutions that will use the tools in the future will also have the possibility to display and preserve the media of their project to the SO-CLOSE aggregator, the Memory Centre Platform.

On April 30th La Tempesta presented the rest of the team the mock ups! It is another big step for the SO CLOSE Project and..we love that tools!

Now we are starting the testing phase! We can’t wait to see the final products, but there’s still a lot of work ahead of us until then.


The tools development phase has started!