Historyline 26

The Politician

Last week we started the story of Miquel Santaló Parvorell.
After the outbreak of civil war in Spain in 1936, our protagonist held the positions of Deputy Secretary of the Permanent Deputation of the Spanish Parliament (1937), Third Vice President of the Parliament (1937), President of the Labor Council (Ministry of Labor and Social Assistance of the Republic, 1938).
On February 1, 1939 he attended the last session of the Republican Parliament, held at the Castle of Sant Ferran de Figueres and then went into exile in Portbou, where he continued to participate in the Permanent Commission of the Republican Parliament in exile and with refugee aid agencies.
Between 1939 and 1942 he lived in Collioure, Paris, Bordeaux, Mushroom and Marseilles, until he managed to embark on board at Nyassa (April 30, Casablanca, Morocco – May 22, Veracruz, Mexico), one of the ships that the SERE, the JARE and the government of Mexico made available to the Spanish exiles located in Vichy France, the French area not occupied by the Germans. In 1942 he continued with his geography projects making an encyclopaedic dictionary (Editorial UTEHA). In 1943 he joined the Junta Española de Liberación, which was the precedent of the government of the Republic in exile, formed in 1945, in which he held the portfolio of the Ministry of Public Instruction.
In 1949 he moved to Guadalajara and left his job at the publishing house and the most important political responsibilities.
In 1954 he attended the meeting of the Parliament of Catalonia at the embassy of the government of the Spanish Republic in Mexico where he was appointed President of the Generalitat Josep Tarradellas.
Miquel Santaló died in 1962.

From so far to so close.

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