Storyline 6

The weight of prejudice

Our next protagonist shared with us stories of obstacles she faced after moving to Italy. She did not worry at first, she even spoke of herself as being “cocky” then. She is smart and well educated, with a good degree, so she did not expect that finding a job and contributing to the society would be a problem. But it proved otherwise. In the past year, she could not find a job or a place to stay. She faced the weight of prejudice.

“(…) I couldn’t find anything. Every, every place and each door was closed to me just because I’m an immigrant. Just because I’m transsexual, they were like no no no… I wasn’t expecting Europe to be like that.”

For her, putting prejudice aside is the most important thing in having people integrated into a culture. Everyone should listen to one another and try to shut off the voice in their heads whispering that they know someone before they do.

SO-CLOSE speaks and listens to people. Our team is creating digital tools that will facilitate the art of telling stories and understanding each other. We cannot wait to introduce them to you!

As for our protagonist, we hope she meets people open to listening, understanding and accepting – real friends.

From so far to so close.

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The weight of prejudice