Storyline 10

The value of "education"

The hero of our next story is an early childhood psychologist from Lviv, Ukraine. She left her country because of war hostilities on Ukraine’s eastern border, full of fear that her husband and young son will be enlisted to fight in it. She left her whole life behind, sold all of her possessions, and moved to Poland where she had to start her life from scratch.

“There is such a fear in me and from this fear of war everything I could sell, e.g. a car, I collected some money, packed my suitcases and left. My son was 18 years old in June and was already in Poland in August. I was defending my family. This is the only reason.”

After coming to Poland, because the system doesn’t honour her education, she had to manage 3 jobs and work in a factory. She dreams of having a job at least a little bit similar to the one she had before.

“I wasn’t ready for physical work. I understood that I had to work because there was no other option.”

She is a well-organized and self-sufficient woman, with family and their needs as her top priority. She likes all art-related activities and always wants to get the best from the culture she lives in.
We are sure that such skills and motivation will be helpful in the future. Our hero already came… from so far to so close… to achieve her goals.


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The value of