Storyline 1

Small steps towards big change

The protagonist of our first storyline is a woman in her 30s and a PhD student, passionate about reading and cultural integration.

She told us about her mother who was an activist working on the USA army’s violations in Iraq, and who, with her two daughters had to leave the country after receiving a series of threats.

She stressed the importance of education and her wish to help people back in the country she escaped from –

“The fact that I had access to education, helped me. I was studying a lot”.

Building up social relationships at the place she lives now is one of the biggest challenges –

“People don’t invite a person that wears a veil to a party. You know these “micro-racisms” are painful”.

In SO-CLOSE a story of one person tells us a lot about the society we live in and about the importance of small steps everybody can take to build awareness and empathy for each other.

From so far to so close.

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Small steps towards big change