Storyline 13

Level down, level up

Today we will tell you a story of a traveler who comes from Africa. He left to change his life. What he shared with us was an important story of good and evil, and reality in his homeland.
“Some people think [that refugees] come here [to Europe] only to sell or steal, but there are some who know that in every country there are good people and bad people”.
He told us about his trip from Gambia to Mali and then to Niger, with a driver who not only gave him a ride but, inexplicably, acted as his “father” during the entire trip in order to protect him from smugglers and policemen.

They split in Niamey and have never met again. Our protagonist traveled alone to Agadez, a small town –

“Up there, you can go outside, but if you do, someone can rob you or kidnap you if you don’t pay. If you refuse – you risk your life”.

The next stop was Libya.

“In Libya you have to pay to get through, and you have no friends anymore. Anybody can be a threat to you”.

Our protagonist started his life in Europe and he is safe. He says in every country there are good and bad people; so refugees shouldn’t be an object of scapegoating.

“I came all this way to change my life, and I do not deserve [to listen] people saying I am disgusting”, nor to be insulted.

Europeans experienced in the past how much strength and courage it demands to leave ones country and to persevere. SO-CLOSE would like to invite nowadays citizens to reflect about it and be more open. We wish all the best to our protagonist.

From so far to so close.

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Level down, level up