Storyline 4

Leaving Venezuela

Our next protagonist is a woman from Venezuela, a hard worker and a doer She has a degree in accounting, in Venezuela she worked as a freelancer and a manager for 14 years. She loves her motherland and its natural beauty, but recently she has moved to Europe with her daughter.

“Why does one leave Venezuela? In Venezuela the economy was destroyed, […] inflation rate hit 1000% per month, so with just a salary one struggled to make ends meet, […] you couldn’t live on that salary, the price of various products started to rise, basic necessities disappeared from shop shelves, you couldn’t get food, […] so we had to go and get it from the retailer, we couldn’t choose, only take what they offered for a very high price, then I decided to leave.”

Disfunctional healthcare and insecurity, high crime rate were also behind the decision to leave for Italy, where after a while she became a certified healthcare assistant and started to work in a pension house.
We think she is a wonderful and strong woman and we wish her and her daughter all the best.

From so far to so close.

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Leaving Venezuela