Storyline 3

A unique way to travel the world

Our next protagonist is a traveler. He comes from Iraq. When he was young, the country was more stable politically. And yet, he wanted to leave. He didn’t like the political control and his country being cut off from the rest of the world. People used to live in a bubble.

“We didn’t know about [the] outside world”.

It was his dream to go to Jordan, meet people and see new places. However, his life took a different path. He got to see other parts of the world when he was a refugee in Greece, Italy, and France. During his travels, he shared his story – to make them understand and let them experience his encounters.

Once, he shared a story with a taxi driver about his travel from Greece to Italy hidden in a truck. The driver’s comment was that it would be nice if “they” were all like him, to which he got a straight response:

“You just have to understand people. (…) I’m like everyone else”.

He claims to be ambitious, and emphasizes the role of people who helped him to move forward.

We find our protagonist an inspiring person and hope he spreads his story to open-minded people.

From so far to so close.

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A unique way to travel the world