Storyline 8

A place in between

The protagonist of this story is a wonderwoman and a visionary who made a brave decision to change her life.

In 2008, she left Syria and flew to Tarragona where she started her PhD programme. While studing, she spent some time in Germany, Turkey and Greece, doing her research and working.

“One of the reasons I left my country was that I wanted to study and develop my career, I was also tired of the situation there, the political context, corruption… being a woman made it hard to live there. I wanted to be independent and to live in a place where I could be free.”

Today, she is an International Recruitment and Projects Manager and a university teacher. Her work and friends with whom she could share most personal things helped her feel good.

Our wonderwoman had to face many challenges and misjudgements. In Europe

“(…) people had this image of a submitted Muslim woman with no destiny. A lot of people asked me why I was not married (…)”.

Her family, on the other hand, commented on her breaking up with the traditional lifestyle. But she kept pushing on.

Her motto is “I am ok, but I always want more” – we are sure that our protagonist will achieve her new goals, as she has already proven that one can get…

From so far to so close.

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A place in between