Storyline 9

A little bit better

Today’s protagonist is a man who went through hell on earth and survived. He escaped from Libya where he experienced horrid things, one of them being a victim of torture. Those memories come back to him constantly.

“Since I was little I’ve seen bad things, they happened to me, they happened to my family, they happened to people from my country, they happened… “ […]

Now he lives in Italy. He’s learning Italian which helps him live an active life and meet new people. Being active, doing a lot of new things helps him forget about the terror he went through and allows to enjoy the moment. Today’s motto is “a little bit better” because his story shows how tiny things lead to significant changes.

“I’ve learned a little bit of the Italian language. Before I didn’t know a lot of people, now I know a lot. I think that every day I go further, every day my life gets a little bit better than [it was] before, especially since I arrived in Italy, every day it gets a little bit better.”

We wish our fighter will keep up his strength and positivity. We hope that one day he will experience the feeling that his life got “much better”.

He is the definition of how one gets from… so far to so close.

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A little bit better