01 / 17 / 2021

SO-CLOSE Storylines II

The importance of integration

Our next protagonist shared with SO-CLOSE Team that what is the most important is social integration. Without social inclusion, people won’t feel comfortable around him, nor he around them. In such a relationship him and the society fear each other.

This is why there should be humanitarian and social organizations that help refugees understand the culture of the country and support social cohesion and their integration into the community. He is aware that it is up to politicians and media to enforce integration instead of fear, and understanding instead of isolation.

He wants us to be aware that:
– refugees don’t like to be refugees, they are obliged to hold this status.
– many of them experienced FORCED migration, run away from death or being falsely convicted for prison.

Our protagonist believes that organizations like The Greek Forum of Refugees that backs him and offers the first-line support are very much needed and appreciated.

We on the SO-CLOSE Project were happy to hear his story. We also think mutual understanding is crucial nowadays. This is why we create innovative tools to share stories and learn about each other.

From so far to so close.

SO-CLOSE Storylines II