04 / 03 / 2020

Participation in 5th Conference Comunicación y Pensamiento (Sevilla, Spain)

The V Congreso Internacional Comunicación y Pensamiento is organised by the Spanish R&D Project “JUVEN-TV: Nuevos consumos frente a viejos estereotipos: Análisis de la recepción por parte de la juventud española de sus representaciones televisivas actuales” (CSO2017-85483-R), with researchers from the universities of Málaga, Sevilla and Granada.


The conference was organised for April 1-3rd but given the COVID-19 situation it has now become an online conference. The UAB team lead by Estella Oncins presented a conference dealing with accessibility issues in H2020 projects, giving examples from  SO-CLOSE. This project has adopted a policy towards using open source technology when available. To this aim it will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the recently finished H2020 ImAc towards adopting and developing further the 360º media player. The ImAc Player fulfils both accessibility in itself and offers media content with added accessibility features and services.

The UAB presentation can be consulted here:



There are many digital streaming services out there that are not accessible to people with disabilities. Although VOD, video on demand services are offering captions and some described content there should be more of it. We are a team of disabled media consumers who want to make sure digital media is accessible as well as get companies to instil accessibility practices within. We also aim to advocate ahead of the times. While the government and the law lag behind, we will try to bring about forward thinking solutions that are legal and that benefit everyone. The mission is:

  • To provide accessible software and interfaces to VOD customers by advocating for their needs. We will, first, try networking and connecting the right people to ideas and decision makers.
  • Implement and ensure future accessibility practices and consideration for multiple disabilities.
  • Ensure that relatively all types of disability are always taken into careful consideration when designing or planning design changes.

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Provide a screen reader friendly experience to all platform functions on the PC and mobile devices with multiple screen readers
  • Provide an easily navigable interface for the mobility impaired using adaptive technology.
  • Provide easy access to audio described content for the blind and the visually impaired on streaming services as well as DVD selection currently and in the future.