07 / 14 / 2020
Pilar Orero will be in conversation with Shiri Azenkot, and will present the use of VR and accessibility in the project SO-CLOSE.
06 / 23 / 2020
Last week (15 June), an article by UAB team member Pilar Orero appeared at EuroScientist. We would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with her work
06 / 19 / 2020
The conference “From So Far to So Close. Addressing the Refugee Phenomenon: History, Sociology, Technology”, dealt with various aspects of the refugee phenomenon, which forms the core of the SO-CLOSE Project.
06 / 12 / 2020
The conference tackles the issue of refugees through three different perspectives: history, sociology and technology, which form the core of SO-CLOSE. The conference will be divided in three different sessions. The first one will delve into the history of forced displacement in 20th century Europe from three different case studies: the experience of female forced displacement during the Greek Civil War; the phenomenon of forced displacement in communist countries; and forced displacement during the 90's in former Yugoslavia.
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