06 / 09 / 2022

MUME's Open Day – an open event of the European project So-Close

The Open Day will take place on 11 June at MUME and at Porxos de Can Laporta in la Jonquera.

The Open Day is an open event for the general public and takes place with the participation of various refugees. The agenda includes an artistic creation workshop based on poems and talk presenting the So Close project (From So Far to So-Close),  with different thematic approaches, such as: “Art as a refuge”, “Elements that intervene in migration” and “Fight against stereotypes and prejudices”. The events will end with a closing lunch open to all participants of the day.

SO-CLOSE project

SO-CLOSE is an international project which aims to combat the social exclusion of refugees through the exchange of cultural heritage of forced migrations.

There are around one million recognized refugees living in the European Union. Most come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Eritrea and Albania. They flee armed conflict, violence, oppression or human rights violations. They are often at risk of social exclusion as a result of their trauma and loss of identity.

To help cope with this exclusion, the SO-CLOSE project aims to contribute to social cohesion and integration through mutual understanding between refugees and European host societies. The project uses co-creative design methodologies and innovative digital and artistic tools to share the life experiences of refugees with the memories of survivors of European conflicts, such as the Bosnian War, the Spanish Civil War, and the Holocaust, preserved in historical memory centers.

MUME Open Day Programme:

  • 10am Arrival at the MUME and welcome
  • 10:30 am Artistic creation workshop
    • From poems of exile. No art knowledge is required to participate.
  • 12pm Presentation of the project From So Far to So-Close

The talk will consist of 4 blocks, one for each section of the project:

  • Art as a refuge
  • Elements involved in migration
  • The arrival at the destination [In relation to this section of the project, we are trying to gather information to complete a map of useful resources at the destination, and you can collaborate through this link.]
  • Fight against stereotypes and prejudices
  • 2pm Lunch (open to everyone and free)

You need to sign up for lunch to make the catering forecast in the form below.

The project From So Far to So Close is coordinated by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and involves the UAB Recreation Park, the Exili Memorial Museum Consortium, the University of Girona and the University of Suez in Lund, the Villa Decisus Association, the Escola de Pau Monte Sole Foundation, the Greek Research and Technology Centre CERTH, the Greek Refugee Forum and the new technology companies Tempesta Media and Engineering.

For more information about the SO-CLOSE project and the MUME Open Day, please contact:


Ana Pérez-Muelas



Museu Memorial de l’Exil



C/ Major, 43-47

17700 La Jonquera






MUME's  Open Day – an open event of the European project So-Close