Historyline 5

Years apart

Last week we promised to tell you a story about the friendship of Antoni Fradera Mayolas and his brother-in-law.

They met in the early days, as Fradero got engaged to Maria Giró Marsal in 1935. Three years after returning to Barcelona, in 1952, they finally had the chance to get married.

He met Maria’s brother, Modest Giró, about the same time. Indeed, Antoni Fradera and Modest Giró were companions on the war front in the Pyrenees and in exile in France. Nevertheless, Modest Giró’s experience was very different, because in 1940 he was able to travel to the USA, Colombia and Venezuela.

He returned to Catalonia in 1949, the same year as Fradera. The friendship of our protagonist s lasted for many years.

From so far to so close.

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