Historyline 9

The Unbreakable

Do you remember Lefteris Apostolou, whose story we shared last week?

His sister Ilektra Apostolou is the protagonist of today’s Historyline. She was an emblematic figure of the Resistance during WWII, a member of the KKE, and a proponent of women’s rights. She was executed by the collaborationist State Special Security Directorate, which was a section of the Hellenic Gendarmerie, in 1944, because of her resistance activity.

Besides her actions, she is known for the questioning she had with her interrogator:

“Where are you from? I am from Greece. Where do you live? In Greece. What is your name? Greek. Who are your collaborators? They’re all Greeks. What is your job? I work for the Greek people”.

We believe it’s important to remember our protagonists and their stories.

From so far to so close.

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