Historyline 11

The furniture maker

Our protagonist, Frimari Burguès was a cabinetmaker by profession.


During the Civil War he worked in the aerodrome in Sabadell (SAF 3-16), and in 1938, when the Republican authorities closed it, they sent him to work in the one in Girona (Celrà).


At the end of the war he went into exile to France together with his wife and their daughter Cleopatra, but in La Jonquera they had to separate because the border was closed. Then Frimari crossed the mountain and mother and daughter waited two days to enter France.


Frimari spent more than three months in the concentration camps of Argelès and Saint-Cyprien.


In the 12th Historyline you can read about the further fates of the Burguès Family.


From so far to so close. 

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