Historyline 12

The Cruise

Do you remember our #protagonist Frimari Burguès? We’ve promised to share with you the further fates of him, his wife Hortènsia, and daughters Cleopatra & Heidi.

After they split, the mother and daughter were moved to Brittany (Surzur), where they were imprisoned in a castle-prison until, with the help of some English Quakers, the family was able to reunite and sail together, in May 1939, on the ship “Sinaia”, from Sète (Languedoc) to Mexico.

The Burguès family reached Veracruz on 13th June 1939. A little later, Heidi was born. During their time in Mexico, they kept in contact with other exiles and developed a new professional life in the food, pharmaceutical, and textile sectors.

Heidi Burguès came to live in Catalonia in 1983, with her husband and two children. Frimari Burguès and Hortènsia Padrós returned for the first time to Barcelona in 1963 and definitively in 1990. Cleopatra dies in Mexico City in 2015 and Heidi lives in Barcelona till today.

From so far to so close. 

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