Historyline 3

Watercolor story

The protagonist of our third Historyline is Pere Mañosa, a former Captain of Intendancy of the Republican Army who was forced into exile. It was him who preserved the drawings made by fellow people in exile from the Roussillon concentration camp in 1939.

In 2014, his family donated 109 drawings and watercolours to MUME, alongside 27 documents about his passage through exile between 1939 and 1942. He left the concentration camps for refugees to join the GTE (Foreign Workers Group) 405 in Meyssac (Department of la Corrèze) in 1941. Following that, he returned to pro-Franco Spain in the summer of 1942 with his imprisonment in Figueres. He was finally released in December 1943.

The collection of 109 drawings, from unknown authors, collected in three notebooks, shows the different views of the concentration camps and the lives of refugees.

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From so far to so close.

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