Historyline 7

Artists in refuge

Marie Ghislaine Tassart, from Lille (France), was the daughter of the Captain of the Garde Mobile and during the Retreat was sent to the south of France to the concentration camps for Spanish Republican refugees. Her father established a relationship with various exiles, including Lluís Moreno Pallí, Catalan teacher and musician, and with a group of refugee artists interned in the camps of Saint-Cyprien and Agde.

The documents in their collection, which include a copy of the school magazine Canigó,1 which can be seen at MUME’s “La Diàspora” Hall, and diverse programmes of cultural activities and commemorations held at the concentration camps of Saint-Cyprien and Agde, will be published as part of the future SO-CLOSE Tools.

From so far to so close.

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