Historyline 27


Today we want to tell you the story of Henryk Reisler.
Until July 1940, he lived in Cracow, Poland, from where, due to his Jewish origin, he was resettled to Charsznica in Miechów County. Our protagonist obtained a work permit in Cracow and thanks to this pass, he was able to commute to work.
Later, he was sent to work in a brickyard where he was quartered. He and some other coworkers struggled with very difficult working conditions there, as the factory manager had a negative attitude towards the Jews working there.
During the deportation of Jews from Cracow to the Bełżec death camp in June 1942, he lost his mother. After these events, he returned to Charsznica where he witnessed the murder of the Jews living there. His father was also among the victims.
Next, together with the remaining Jews, he was taken to Słomniki and then to the Płaszów camp. He escaped from the camp to the Cracow ghetto. After a short time, he has returned to the camp, in which his brother was still imprisoned.

From so far to so close.

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Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute (AŻIH) ref. 301/834