Mahdia Hossaini

Women's Safe Weapons

“At some point in my life I had to choose a weapon. I do not like fighting but I had to fight to defend my rights as a woman. I was looking for peace and I chose a weapon in this struggle that suited me best. You want to know what I’m talking about. My weapon was my pen. Although this pen alone does not hold any power, the words that come out of it through essence and coherent thought are powerful and emotional. For me, words are
a like bridge that connects me with the world. Words mediate the expression of all my feelings. Along the way, I chose the pen. I know a woman who has chosen a camera to express her true self and shows everything she does not have the power to express in the form of photos and videos. On the path that we took to seek peace, I met a girl who chose the needle and put everything she had to say on a piece of cloth and gave it life. Sometimes, even in this way, the needle would sink into her flesh, penetrating her skin and caused her to bleed, but she would not stop carving on this lifeless cloth. Have you seen how a woman animates coloured threads with the movements of her hand and it becomes a bracelet that adorns a woman’s or a man’s hand? Yes, this movement is her power, which sometimes evokes a memory for you and me. A woman who dances has something to say to you; each and every move of hers makes you fade into her spirit. She chose dancing instead of fighting, which sometimes breaks and straightens again, and spins like a whirlwind and spins and spins. These tornadoes reflect the storms she has gone through.
Have you ever looked at the world of women around like this? This is how I see the world of women around me. I see that each of them has chosen a kind of struggle for their rights that is sometimes enjoyable for others.
Do not you think that it’s time to take a closer look at the world around us? As I grew up, I met powerful women who changed the meaning of many things in my mind. Women who could not read or write but chose to emigrate so that their children would not be deprived of education. I saw women who did not know beauty in the type of clothing and skin colouzr and the size of height and weight. Women who saw beauty in the way you deal with differences. Women who sought beauty in the minds and thoughts of men, not in appearance. Women who became a bridge for their families to get through hardships and achieve their goals. Women in today’s society, where we claim equal rights for men and women, went crazy every time they shouted for their voices to be heard. Turn your head a little and you will see them around you, your mother, your wife, your daughter, your sister, your colleague.”