Jason Noah

Jason is a graduate in community health and has experience in the field of health protection, translation and as a humanitarian aid volunteer. He has a great passion for art and discovered his talent after fleeing from Iraq to France where he settled and began painting in earnest, participating in many exhibitions in Europe. It was in a refugee camp in Greece where he started to paint more seriously in order to engage with activities that could distract him from traumatic events in his past and the stress he continued to experience daily.
At first, Jason started to paint on tree leaves because he did not have the necessary material to paint on. This is how he learned the basics of painting and the use of colour.  With the help of NGOs and volunteers Jason
managed to exhibit his art at various exhibitions in Europe. In his art he expresses his feelings and ideas about freedom, war and injustice.
Jason writes:
‘As a Genocide survivor I have been through a lot and I know how hard life is; each touch of my brushes tells a story – such as when I think of the girls who were kidnapped by ISIS, the refugees who fled and left their homes and everything behind. I scream through my art and I want to transfer these feelings to people.’
Art also allows him to leave the sad reality of life and to create his own world where pain is calmed.